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     Dog Treat Toys & Kong Toys

The only thing better than a dog having his favorite toy is a dog toy that is filled with treats and/or peanut butter! We are sure he loves you already but buy him a dog treat toy and he will truly be your best friend.

Kong Toys
Top Selling Toy!
Thick, natural rubber to provide your dog with a real chewing workout.

Snack 'n Roll Treat Football
Simply place your dog's favorite crunchy treat inside the Snack 'n Roll toy and watch him or her go crazy.

Kong Stuff'N Treats
Make your dog's Kong toys even more irresistible with these tasty add-ins. Choose crispy Liver Snaps or flavorful Stuff'n paste.

KONG® Stuff-A-Ball Dog Toys
Your dog's favorite tough KONG rubber, in a ball designed to dispense food or treats for added fun.

Kong Biscuit Ball Dog Treat Holder
Kong Biscuit Ball Dog Treat Holder has a hollow center and 4 bone-shaped ports hold biscuits, food or treats.

Puppy KONG® Stuff-A-Ball
Special teething rubber formula soothes sore gums, gently cleans teeth, and promotes good chewing behavior. Treat dispensing feature enhances intellectual development.

KONG® Stuff-A-BallTM with Rope
Flexible and durable dog toy is made of natural rubber with high-quality cotton floss rope attached.

Busy Buddy® Squirrel DudeTM Dog Toys
Squirrel-shaped dog toy is made of thick and durable rubber.

Puppy KONG® Dental Stick
Sticks are exclusively designed for a puppy's mouth. Special teething rubber formula soothes sore gums and gently cleans teeth. Promotes good chewing behavior.

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