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     Dog Shampoo & Conditioners

We have many different dog shampoos and conditioners available, just take your pick! If your dog has dry skin or needs an antibacterial shampoo then we have it. We also have tear-free shampoo, color enhancing and more, take a look around. Your dog will be smelling better than you in no time at all!

Concentrated Antibacterial Shampoo
Gentle yet effective antibacterial action and the crisp scent of fresh green apples destroys odor and leaves your dog's coat clean and shining.

Antibacterial Deodorizing Shampoo
Problem pet odors are no problem for Eight in One's Antibacterial Shampoo. Kills the bacteria that cause odors and leaves behind a fresh, herbal scent.

LIVING Botanicals Dog Shampoos
Three moisturizing dog shampoo varieties to choose from: Beautifying, Soothing Oatmeal, and Tearless Puppy.

Natural Oatmeal Shampoo
Soothe and calm itchy, irritated skin with the 2% colloidal oatmeal in Natural Oatmeal Shampoo. Also contains nourishing panthenol.

Medi-Cleen Shampoo
Helps to soothe and heal dry itchy skin and dermatitis.

Tearless Protein Shampoo
Gentle, pH balanced formula is non-irritating to the eyes and skin while helping to repair coat damage and adding manageability.

Oatmeal Dog Shampoo
Natural oatmeal shampoo soothes and calms sensitive, irritated skin. Made exclusively for PETsMART.

Itch Relief Shampoo
Developed with professional groomers to address the itching and scaling skin conditions suffered by many dogs. Made exclusivlely for PETsMART.

Foaming Waterless Dog Shampoo
Self-foaming formula is great to use on dogs who won't stand still for a bath. Contains tea tree oil to soothe and heal.

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