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With children in the home and even your poor furniture its important to keep your dogs nails cut and sharp free. We have dog nail clippers below and also nail caps that you can use over your dogs nails if he is fussy and you don't want to cut them yourself.

Nail Care Essentials
Nearly everything you'll need to trim and care for the nails on pets of all sizes. Made exclusively for PETsMART.

Nail Grinder Kit
Groom your pet's nails quickly and effeciently with this handy kit.

Bamboo Nail Clipper
An easy way to keep your pet's paws looking prime.

Soft Claws Nail Caps for Dogs
A quick, simple and safe solution to help stop scratching problems and protect fabric and surfaces from claw damage. Includes 40 Nail Caps and 2 tubes of adhesive.

Veterinarian's Best Pet Swabs
These liquid-filled swabs are a quick, clean and easy way to take care of a variety of common hygiene and first aid issues.

Styptic Pads
The quick, convenient way to help control minor bleeding resulting from clipped nails or minor wounds. Safe and effective for use with dogs and cats.

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