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It is important that your dog have regular check-ups to make sure his health is in top shape. One of the most important places on your dog to monitor during these check-ups is on the dog's skin. There are many different types of infestations to beware of from parasites like the flea, ticks, lice, hot spots and more.

If you notice your dog itching and scratching excessively, this is a sure sign that your dog has a skin problem that needs to be addressed right away. There are simple, easy ways to find out which parasite or insect may be causing the dogs skin to itch. We are going to cover a few of them in this article. By far, the most common and most annoying problem for both your dog and you the dog owner, are fleas!

Fleas are extremely common and troublesome of all the parasites. Fleas are not only troublesome for dogs but also for other animals as well. A flea bite is irritating to your dog’s skin and they live off the action of sucking the blood from your dog’s skin.

Additionally, some dogs may also develop severe allergies from the flea's saliva. A flea allergy can cause the dog to scratch frantically, which will make their skin sore and sometimes they may even bleed.

To check if there is a flea problem with your dog, run a fine toothed comb over the dog's fur. This simple trick should catch a few of the fleas into the comb, allowing you to confirm that the problem is indeed fleas.

Ridding your dog of all fleas and the egg's that they lay is going to involve more than just treating the dog, unfortunately. First thing that you need to do is vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Fleas tend to move toward corners and edges so pay particular attention to cleaning those sections of your floor. The dog's bedding will have to be washed in hot water as well.

Wait, you are not finished yet! It is important to spread a powdered household flea killer throughout your carpet. Many people swear by laying down some Borax (found at local stores) and it kills the fleas when they ingest it, then vacuum. Also vacuum beneath all the couch cushions. Take the vacuum bag outside after finishing; do not keep it stored inside the house. You must throw it away to avoid keeping some fleas that may have survived and will lay more eggs in your carpet.

Now it is time to treat your dog. You can purchase flea treatment from the store and do treat him yourself, but it is advisable to see a vet. A vet has many particular systems to kill the fleas. One way is to spray a solution onto the dog’s coat. This will keep the dog from having an infestation for months. Be sure to pick up some Advantage so you can keep him constantly flea free.

A second option that your vet may give you is to either inject an anti-flea drug into their system or your pet can take the drug in tablet form. This treatment will keep the dog free from fleas for up to one year and totally eradicates the need for any liquid solutions or further treatment.

We hope the above article will help you detect any fleas your dog may have and how to effectively combat them. It is best to be proactive not reactive, after checking that your dog is free flea, get him on Advantage to prevent a flea outbreak. If you have yet to have a problem with flea infestation, you are not missing out – in fact, consider yourself lucky!

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*Please Note: The information provided above is solely for the purpose of informing and educating our visitors and should not be used to replace the advice or care of a professional, qualified veterinarian.*

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