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     Eye Care Supplies for Dogs

Take care of your dog's precious eyes and clean them regularly with our supplies made just for dogs. Our supplies are safe and they won't hurt or burn your dogs eyes. A happy, healthy dog makes for a happy dog owner! We have dog eye wash and dog eye wipes, both make taking care of your dogs eyes as easy as 1-2-3. Cleaning your dog's eyes should be part of your dog grooming routine once a week along with cleaning his dog ears.

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Tear Clear

The safe and gentle way to remove tear stains and restore luster to the fur under your dog's eyes ...more

OptiClear Eye Wash

Adult Vitabites Multi-Vitamin provides essential vitamins and minerals for adult dogs. Specially for ...more

Veterinarian's Best Pet Swabs

These liquid-filled swabs are a quick, clean and easy way to take care of a variety of common ...more

Petkin Jumbo EyeWipes

Gently wipe away daily dirt and tear stans ...more

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