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     Dog Treats & Biscuits - All Natural!

All good dogs deserve a yummy dog treat to enjoy for being a good boy! Whether your dog prefers beef, chicken or peanut butter we have the perfect treat for him. What dog doesn't enjoy a Greenie to snack on? And they will freshen his breath too! A well fed dog is a happy dog! Claudia's cuisine all natural treats look good enough for us to eat.

Below we have chosen a variety of our favorite dog treats in different shapes, sizes and flavors! Pick up one of our dog treat holders to keep your treats fresh!

Maddie's Mini Morsels
Irresistible canine cookies baked with molasses, cinnamon and other wholesome ingredients and topped with a dollop of creamy yogurt "frosting."

Carob-Dipped Dog Treats by Claudia's Cuisine
It will be "puppy luv" at first bite when your dog munches a Luv Puppy dog treat. Claudia's signature treats are heart-shaped peanut butter cookies with a carob coating.

Copper's Carob Chips
A canine-approved version of everyone's favorite home-baked cookie. 100% natural, with carob chips, honey, cinnamon and more.

Patriotic Pup Dog Treats
Let your pup show his patriotism in a delicious way with these star-studded, all-natural treats.

Lady Paws & Truffles
These extra indulgent treats look like they came from the finest candy shop, but they're all-natural and 100% safe and healthy for dogs to enjoy.

Puppy Pop Suckers
A 100% edible snack combining a peanut butter cookie, rawhide chew, creamy carob, and yogurt. One-of-a-kind treats for your best friend!

Lucky Puppy's Treats
Only the luckiest dogs get to enjoy Lucky Puppy's all-natural treats. Choose from several gourmet flavor combinations.

Canine Starbursts
Bite-size morsels with a rich and buttery, slightly sweet taste dogs will love.

Little Bit's Stripes
These pooch preferred peanut butter cookies are drizzled with rich, carob coating to create Little Bit's Stripes.

Tail's Up Cheese Twists
Watch tails wag when you give your dog Tail's Up Cheese Twists! Crunchy, savory snacks are baked with real parmesan cheese.

Party Trays
There's plenty for the whole pack to share in these generous assortments.

Mini Sadie's Snacks
Tasty, all-natural cookies topped with a dollop of rich and creamy carob coating.

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