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     Dog Lover Magazines

Dog magazines are a great way to learn new tips and tricks for taking care of your dog and spoiling him too! We have found a great deal on your favorite dog magazines! Getting good dog information doesn't have to be expensive, have your favorite dog magazine shipped to your door each month so you don't miss any good information and deals on dog stuff!

Dog Fancy
As low as $1.25 per issue!
If your dog is a focal point in your life, then Dog Fancy is the magazine that can help you achieve a greater appreciation for that lovable pet. Great tips on grooming and health care, plus regular features about dog lovers and breeders, and, of course, the dogs themselves, give Dog Fancy a warm, lovable read, just like the pets the magazine covers.

Gun Dog

As low as $3.57 per issue!
Find out the latest in hunting techniques. Take a gander at the best hunting grounds in North America. Gun Dog is America's only magazine exclusively exploring the world of bird hunters and their dogs.

Dog & Kennel
As low as $2.50 per issue!
Dog and Kennel presents informative and entertaining articles about different breeds. You?ll learn everything you need to know, from training your puppy to what it means when Sparky goes ?grrrr!? In this magazine, you?ll also find tips on health care, feeding, grooming, bonding, events and how to have just plain fun with your dog.

Dog World
As low as $1.25 per issue!
Whether yours is a show dog or a lovable mutt, the Dog World, America?s oldest all-breed dog magazine, is for you. Experts offer informative advice on health, breeding and genetics, nutrition and grooming ? all either to show off your Best Friend or just to keep him or her in great condition.

Modern Dog
The best dog articles. The hottest dog trends. The coolest dog magazine. Featuring the best dog accessories, exclusive celebrity interviews, dog-centric art, dog-friendly travel destinations, top trainers, dog psychology, puppy problem solving, home entertaining how-to, breed profiles, and more!