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Grooming your dog regularly is essential not only for his appearance but it also gives you a chance to make sure he is free of parasites, fleas, ticks and other things that can cause him harm. It may be a bit of a pain but you should try and groom your dog at least once a week.

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It may take some time to figure out your grooming schedule while you and your dog adjust. He may dislike it at first but he will end up enjoying every minute of it once he’s used to it! Before beginning, allow your dog to sniff all the tools you will be using during his grooming session and be sure to also have dog treats right near by to reward him! The basic tools you will need to groom your dog are:

A comb
A brush
Nail clippers
Cotton Balls
Dog Shampoo /Conditioner
A towel
Dog Treats

>> Brushing & Combing your Dog
To start, brush against the grain, this helps to loosen any dead hair and it stimulates the skin. It is essential to have the proper grooming brush. Short bristle brushes are for short to medium hair dogs and long bristles are for long haired dogs. After brushing you can use a flannel cloth to bring out the shine in your dogs coat.

If your dog has long hair, some matting may be present. Matted hair can stem from food, tar and other sticky substances around the house or in your yard. First try to gently remove the matted hair using a comb. If it is too tangled you may need to just cut it off. Matted hair is not only unattractive to you, but it can irritate your dog’s skin as well. You can prevent matting in the future by brushing him more frequently. It will also mean less shedding in the house for you!

We don’t advise trimming your dogs coat unless you are familiar with the breed’s hair type and have done it before. You may want to leave cutting and trimming up to a professional Groomer but if you feel confident you can do so, take a shot! If you want to give it a shot use blunt scissors and clippers and make sure your dog is sitting and relaxed when you begin.

>> Clipping your Dog’s Nails
Clipping your dog’s nails should be part of your normal grooming schedule. Like humans, dogs can also get an ingrown hair and if you have children or other pets its best to keep his nails shorts and make sure they aren’t sharp or rough around the edges. You should start nail clipping when he is just a puppy so he becomes used to it. Dogs are creatures of habit; the faster you get him used to your schedule the happier he will be! When cutting your dogs toe nails, be careful not to cut too close to the “quick” the pink area of his nail. If you cut too deep it may start to bleed, apply pressure to help stop the bleeding.

>> Bathing your Dog
While we did suggest grooming your dog once per week, most dogs won’t need a bath more than once or twice a month. Depending on how much time is spent outside and how dirty he gets. You can bath him right in the tub or outdoors with a water hose if the weather is warm and agreeable. Start by wetting the dog all over, then add dog shampoo and massage into his skin but be careful to steer clear of his eyes, ears and mouth. Be sure to read the label, some shampoos say to let him sit with the shampoo on for a few minutes, if not rinse. You can towel dry him to get excessive water off his coat but he will dry on his own in no time.

>> Cleaning your Dog’s Ears
Clean ears should be a vitally important part of your grooming sessions. Long eared dogs tend to have more problems than short eared dogs. Check his ears for dirt, scratches, parasites and any foul odors. For a routine ear check use a cotton swabs and mineral oil to clean the ear and surrounding area, but don’t put the cotton swab in the ear canal as you can damage his ear drum. Read our article Cleaning your Dog’s Ears.

>> Cleaning your Dog’s Eyes
Keeping your dogs eyes clean and free of dirt and foreign matter is essential. Take a soft wash cloth and wipe his eyes from the outer corner to the inner corner with warm water. Don’t use any soap or shampoo as this will burn his eyes. If you feel his eyes are irritated you can buy some eye care ointment to apply.

>> Healthy Teeth
Lastly, it is important to take proper care of your dog’s teeth. Dog’s like human do accumulate tartar on the teeth you can brush his teeth regularly and give him dental biscuits to help. For more information read our article Dog Dental Care Tips.

As you can see, a regular grooming schedule will allow you to notice anything wrong with your dog that can potentially lead to more serious health problems. Grooming also gives you some special time with your dog and over time he will grow to love your special grooming time together. Keep those dog treats handy and let him know he did a good job!

Please Note: that the information provided above is solely for the purpose of informing and educating our visitors and should not be used to replace the advice or care of a professional, qualified veterinarian.

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