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Adding a new dog to your family can be a cumbersome yet rewarding job! For your home and family to run smoothly with the inclusion of your new furry family member, you will need to train him early on to live in his new human world! There are three important words to remember and use when training your dog, the 3 P words: Patience, Persistence and Praise. Using the 3 P’s during training sessions with your dog, will help to ensure success.

First lets establish some tips and rules to remember when you are training your dog, these tips and rules are essential to training your dog properly and successfully. We have listed them below:

>> When training your dog, always make eye contact with him.
>> Try to keep your dog as calm as possible during your training sessions.
>> Keep the training sessions short as to not overwhelm your dog.
>> When training him, Use simple, short commands.
>> Always use the same word and meaning during each training session or you will confuse your dog!
>> Consistency is the key to successful dog training.
>> Begin your commands with your dogs name to get his attention.
>> Always finish your training session with Praise and give your dog a reward.

Now lets move onto learning basic dog obedience commands, which we outlined below:

>> The Come Command
To teach this command effectively you will need to do so in a quiet setting so your dog doesn’t become distracted. With your dog on his lead and a dog treat in your hand, say your dog's name in a firm tone. As he begins to come foward, give the command "Come". Bend down as he comes forward, as this will be less threatening and more encouraging for him to follow the command. As your dog approaches you, Praise him, then pet him and give him the treat.

>> The Down Command
Start this command with your dog in sitting position, hold his collar firmly with your left hand and have a treat in your right hand. Move the treat in an arc, from your dog's nose to the floor. As he naturally lowers himself, give the "Down" Command. As your dog lies down, Praise him, pet him and give him the treat.

>> The Stay Command
Start this command from the Down position. Use your hand as a signal and the word "Stay". Release from the stay position a few seconds later and Praise and pet your dog as a reward. (Try to avoid using food as a reward when teaching him this command, as he may become too excited and therefore unable to remain still.)

>> The Sit Command
Start with the Come command, as your dog approaches you, move your right hand (with the treat inside) over your dog's head. As your dog begins to sit give the "Sit" command. Then Praise him, pet him and give him the treat.

The 3 P’s - Patience, Persistence and Praise will help you to efficiently train your dog, while also making you a happy dog owner!

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*Please Note: The information provided above is solely for the purpose of informing and educating our visitors and should not be used to replace the advice or care of a professional, qualified veterinarian.*

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