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     Dog Collars

We have every different type of dog collar you could possibly imagine! From Harley Davidson, to leather, nylon, wooven and just plain old cute and fashionable! Be sure to pick one up today and make your dog look and feel that much cuter.

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Harley-Davidson® Leather Dog Collar Collection
These spiked leather collars are perfect for dogs who were "born to be wild." Choose single or double row styles.

Harley-Davidson® Dog Collars and Leashes
For the dog who'd rather be riding, these Harley-Davidson®Collars and Leashes let the world know it. Choose from assorted Harley®logos screened on high quality single-layer nylon.

Martingale Training Collar
A choke chain/standard collar combo offering an effective training option.

Planet Dog® Hemp/Fleece Collars
One side of the collar is made of tough hemp, the other of soft fleece in a contrasting color.

Dog Collars
3/4 in. nylon collar. Ideal for the medium sized dog.

Nylon Puppy Collars
Durable 5/8 inch wide nylon in puppy-perfect colors. A great value!

Dog Collars & Leashes
When a plain collar or leash just won't do, choose one of these exciting prints and let your dog make a statement!

Waterproof Lighted Safety Collar
The comfort of a durability of a nylon collar combined with the safety of extra-bright lights that are visible up to one mile. It's also waterproof for added versatility.

Holt No-Tug Harness
The solution to achieve "no-tug" walking and training.

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