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     Start a Dog Bakery Business, Pet Sitting, Doggie Day Care & More

Do you love dogs and dream of starting your dog bakery business, pet sitting business or any pet business? Then we may have a few great pet business ideas for you! The pet business is booming right now and the statistics are climbing higher each year. With the pet industry feeling such a steady increase, some are wondering what pet business they can start.

Start A Dog Bakery Business

Now more than ever dog lovers are taking an interest in the ingredients found in the dog food they are feeding their dogs. This is causing them to search for a natural food approach. This is where you come in!

The market for natural dog treats in huge demand! Making dog treats in your own home is a very profitable business and low overhead costs to start and run. This business is ideal for dog lovers who want to work from his or her home while making money too. And donít forget this leaves time for you to be with your furry friends while you work! How many jobs do you know of that you can take your dog along?

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Start a Doggie Day Care Service

A doggie daycare is the same as a pet sitting service with one main difference you will be watching more than one dog at a time, which also means more profits for you! Doggie daycares are a huge trend in the pet business arena right now, many dog lovers will spend as much as $30.00 per day for their dog to be cared for while they are away at work. Doggie Daycares are one of the easiest, yet profitable businesses you can start.

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Start a Dog & Pet Photography Business

Did you know that Dog/Pet photography is an extremely lucrative business? There is a need for photographers who specialize in taking prized photographs of the most pampered member of the family - the beloved and spoiled family pet. And surprisingly, most people are willing to pay far more for their family pet's portraits than they are willing to spend on the rest of their family's portraits! And you can even make the silliest dog look like a dog superstar when you take special and memorable photographs. To supplement this business you could even provide pet costumes and outfits for them to dress up in adding to your profits!

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Start a Pet Sitting Business

Now more than ever many people are working longer work days and weeks, leaving them feeling guilty for having to leave their furry family member home alone all day. This is where a dog sitting business can be a great solution for the dog owner! When families go away on vacation as well, they donít want to put their dog in a kennel, which is a strange place that will make him nervous. Instead they would rather pay you, the dog sitting service to come walk him and stop by to keep him company.

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