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There are many different dog house styles to choose from, both in your local pet store and online pet stores. If you have found a dog house you like but arenít thrilled about the design you can build one yourself in your own backyard! Itís not nearly as complicated as you might think. Below we are going to walk you through the materials needed to build your own dog house.

First and foremost you need to have your dogís measurements. You definitely donít want to build a dog house to find out after the fact that your dog doesnít fit comfortably! Be sure to take various different measurements with your dog standing tall, laying down and sitting up. With proper measurements you will be able to build a dog house he can enjoy and hang out in. After you have your basic measurements, you should add at least 4 to 5 inches more for extra space.

Next, you need to figure out how much wood you will need to build your dog house. For the frame, two by fours work best. You will need:

(4) 2 by fours for the length of the dog house
(4) 2 by fours for the width of the dog house
(4) 2 by fours for the height of the dog house

Now you need wood siding to cover the entire structure of the dog house. Treated wood is a good choice for the frame pieces. Thick plywood is a better choice for the floor, sidewalls and the roof. It can be measured and cut before hand and then applied in one piece so that itís easier to work with.

Shingles are needed for the roof for prevention from rain or snow depending on the climate in your area.

Paint, stain and even aluminum siding (to match your house) are also common choices but the decision is yours depending on how much detail you want to build into your dog house. There are many different dog house designs, just have an idea of what you want it to look like prior to buying all the materials!

If you want to design the look and feel of your dog house but you want a foundation to start with you can also purchase an unfinished dog house and stain it to your liking.


Do-It-Yourself Flat Roof Unfinished Dog Houses by Ware Manufacturing
Build your own dog house. Imagine the feeling of satisfaction you'll have when your dog curls up peacefully in the dog house that YOU built for him. Several sizes and styles available.

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